Warning: On Keeping Order at Departmental Meetings

Faculty members who speak out of turn

will be bound and gagged

by a member of Executive Committee,


by a member of Faculty Development Committee,

and re-evaluated

by a member of Personnel Committee

By order of the temporary, interim, acting




Through this blog, you can read a couple of bonus tracks from Smackdown! Poems about the Professor Business and order the chapbook if you wish. I wrote this book of poems while serving as the interim chair of my college department--it was my way of surviving the semester. When the chapbook won The Teacher's Voice first chapbook competition, chosen by Sapphire, I was agog (which I just looked up and found is an accurate description).

I published the book under a pseudonym, Anna E. Moss, as I am untenured and--well if you read the book I think you'll get the drift. With this new edition I decided to "come out" and take the risk of early retirement. I hope you'll find these poems both humorous and serious. Many, many thanks to Andres Castro for his terrific literary magazine and for his kind offer to bring back Smackdown!
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